We are proud to announce ourselves to our customers of Westchester and Fairfield Counties as their landscaping service provider now offering the finest in Organic Based Horticultural Spray Services.

Below are some of the Organic Services we provide:
• We restore Soil Biology
• Compost Tea
• Organic Tree & Shrub Feeding
• Organic Pesticide Free Shrub & Tree Spraying Programs• Organic Lawn Programs
• Organic Tick Control
• Organic Deer Repellents
• Organic Rabbit Repellent

Please contact our office at: 914.698.4065 or email  to schedule an onsite meeting with our professional team leader in Organic applications.


Morano Landscape Garden Design is excited to announce that we are now offering a new service to our landscape programs. We have implemented a new organic program for the health and beautification of your lawn, trees and shrubbery. We at Morano Landscape Garden Design believe that going organic in landscape maintenance will give you overwhelming satisfaction by means of a beautiful landscape. And more importantly, our products are environmentally friendly and are significantly less unfavorable than the traditional synthetic/chemical blend of landscape products. Organic friendly products provide surroundings for you, your children, your pets and our environment that is more beneficial then traditional applications.

Morano Landscape Garden Design Organic Maintenance has a new team of professionals who are licensed in both New York and Connecticut and educated in Organic applications as well as pland diseases. They are not part of the regular maintenance crew and will strictly concern themselves with your specific Organic applications, which must be applied at specific times and temperatures for optimal effect.